Featured Artist: Devon Urquhart


Much of Urquhart’s inspiration comes from her experiences as a woman, both physically and societally. Her work channels the day-to-day realities of living in a female body into pieces that can be rocky and mountainous, barren as deserts, or lush as forests. In juxtaposing these subjects with what might otherwise look like incongruous materials such as paper, textile, clay, and crystal, Urquhart is able to reflect the ever-changing landscapes of the body and mind.

Devon enjoys working in a variety of mediums. In her Dream Anatomy diorama series, Urquhart starts by painting a background. From there she draws and hand-sculpts small anatomical parts using shrinkable plastic and colored pencils. She then builds tiny objects like trees, grass, and rocks. The final pieces she sets into her dioramas are figures that she sometimes modifies.

With her Bolo Tie series, Devon offers “a reminder to appreciate our bodies and all that they do for us.” Each piece features an original drawing/painting, hand-painted figure, and real quartz crystal.

To learn more about Devon’s work and to inquire about available pieces, stop by the Tacoma Art Museum store, send us an email at MuseumStore@TacomaArtMuseum.org, or call us at (253) 272-4258 x3005.

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